November 2017 Staff Behaviour

Staff Code of Conduct

Having been listening to and reading about all the allegations of inappropriate behaviour and misuse of power in Westminster, the Arts industry and elsewhere it has prompted me to think again about the importance of the Staff code of Conduct and the role of senior leadership teams in ensuring all staff have read and understood expectations of conduct and ensuring this is revisited repeatedly.

East Sussex Standards and Learning Effectiveness Service released an updated Code of Conduct in July 2017 that is robust and clear – have you adopted this for your educational establishment?

It really is essential that staff stop and think:

  • How might anyone observing me interpret my behaviour to this pupil, this other member of staff, this parent?
  • How is this person (child or adult) experiencing my behaviour, my comments?
  • Does my behaviour on social media, outside of work or in my personal life impact on my professional standing?

Equally important, is your whistleblowing policy clear and readily accessible, are the processes fully understood and do staff have access to telephone numbers and reporting options. Would they be heard?

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November 2017 Anti-Bullying Week 13th to 17th November

The theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2017 is: ‘All Different, All Equal’

I am sure you have all made your plans already but just in case here are some resource links

It’s of note that Ditch the Label are running an anti-bullying week survey that secondary schools and colleges can sign up to, this is an annual event and the report of the last survey is accessible on their website. The link to enrol is

The importance of recording and reviewing of bullying incidents, including identifying repeat instigators or victims and the location it occurred is a necessary part of safeguarding. Bullying can be an indicator of other welfare concerns occurring for either young person. Awareness of location can be a key tool in prevention.

We all know bullying and abuse of power can occur anywhere, having an open mind and explicit policy that young people, staff and parents all understand is good practice, ensuring it is a subject revisited regularly also reduces incidents and heightens awareness.

If you have any handy hints or tips for other schools why not check out my Facebook page and leave a post.

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