April 2018 – BAIT OUT GROUPS

Good morning Safeguarding Colleagues and any parents

The BBC news is today highlighting the issues of Bait Out Groups and the impacts this has on young people. Revenge porn is another name. Another aspect of this is the young people who may suddenly become subject of this some years after they have sent a photo to someone else and for whatever reason that person or the people they have shared the photo with send it to a group chat room which leads to bullying, negative comments, sexualised gossip and emotional distress.

Kent police in January raised this issue and this link explain the subject, the legalities and has some helpful resources and helplines


April 2018 – Update from Sandi

Dear safeguarding colleagues

I wanted to update you and apologise for the reduction in posts and activity from Sandi Buttrey Safeguarding Consultant and Trainer Ltd in the past few months This has been due to a short period in my personal life that necessitated me to prioritise some health issues. In the past 3 months my husband has had a hip replacement and three weeks ago I had a knee replacement, both occurred much faster than we had anticipated.  I have of course maintained all my booked training and supervision commitments. The good news is recovery has gone well  for us both and I am fully back in action and will be posting updates and continuing to develop the services Sandi Buttrey Safeguarding Consultant and Trainer Ltd offer to;

  • Schools, including academies, free schools, independent schools and further education facilities
  • Nurseries
  • Local Authorities
  • Sports organisations
  • Language schools
  • Hotels and Bed and Breakfast providers
  • Any organisation with direct contact with children, young people and their families.
  • Private industry requiring child protection policies and training for their staff offering services to vulnerable young people and adults or developing their own safeguarding policies such as code of conducts and whistleblowing.

I look forward to working with you and keeping you up to date with new safeguarding research and policy.

Very best wishes to you all