Other Services

We are also able to offer the following services on a bespoke basis tailored your requirements

Direct consultation, practice and case management development can be arranged to support the day to day practice within your organisation. This is particularly helpful when developing new teams and systems, or when an organisation is experiencing significant pressure on their existing safeguarding team due to unexpected pressures, such as a serious safeguarding incident that requires targeted actions. This service can provide temporary additional capacity or guidance on a time specific basis.

Complaint investigations. It can be helpful to have an independent review when a complaint investigation has been unable to achieve a resolution and is likely to escalate further or become entrenched in ongoing dispute. An independent complaints review provides an impartial investigation into the basis of the complaint, reviews practice and looks for the root cause of the concern and offers potential resolutions, including at times mediation, identifying learning outcomes and forward action planning.

Quality assurance review – Local Authority Audits, Case management audits, scrutiny of practice and procedure. Review of specific areas of practice providing scrutiny and quality assurance in line with the policies, procedures and practice guidance of the organisation.

Organisations are encouraged to discuss any targeted safeguarding needs with Sandi who will confirm whether this is an area we can assist you with or where possible signpost you to another service. For an informal discussion please contact Sandi Buttrey on 07522 995994 or use our contact page.